While on a business trip to Las Vegas, I proudly took pictures of me horseback riding to send to family and friends. While looking at the pictures it hit me; my weight had gotten out of control. I knew I needed to do something different and my neighbor, Rachel, had been talking to me about MLBBC for a couple of years. I finally decided to try it in November 2014 after my doctor told me to lose 15lbs. My goal was to come to class for 3 months, lose the weight and be done. I’ve now been coming to MLBBC for a little over a year and have lost 25lbs. I remember coming to my first class and being surprised by the intensity of the class but also by the support and encouragement of the ladies around me.

I’ve tried other diet programs and temporarily lost weight, but never really learned how to retrain my body to love food that’s good for it. My weight loss and the change in my eating habits happened gradually through daily sacrifice and a series of small habit changes. I didn’t try to change my entire life at once. Little things like adding a protein powder and incorporating veggies into my daily meals have added up. In addition to habit changes, I began food journaling at the beginning of 2015. I wasn’t completely ready to have someone critique my food intake but opened myself up to Jamie’s help and suggestions. I learned a lot during the process of journaling my food and met and exceeded my weight loss goal during that time.

Whenever people ask me what I’ve done to lose weight I always tell them first about boot camp. I couldn’t have made the strides I’ve made and maintained them without staying physically active. Weight loss and better health are for those who choose to make and stick with the commitment; even if that means getting up at 4:45 am to make a 5:15 class! It hasn’t been easy but it’s been very rewarding to go from a size 14 to a 10 and to push myself physically in a way I never knew possible.

All my love to Em, the MLBBC team, and my M, W, F workout crew; you know who you are!
-Rachael Mosley

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