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New Confidence
We are a community of strong women working each day to get healthier and feel better.
Boot Camp
Want to give us a try?? You can for a week, for free!! Use this button to let us know!!
Small Group Training
Have you ever thought about taking your training to the next level? Give our small group a chance for you to learn what it means to be strong!!
Get Strong.
Be Healthy.
MyLeanBody is an all women's gym, where we focus on getting strong to be healthy! You will feel like never before after you workout at MyLeanBody Boot Camp!
If you are looking for a great gym with unmatched group fitness classes. Or a gym where you can learn from a trained professional how to properly weight train. Or if you are wanting someone to come alongside you and work with you one on one. MyLeanBody is the gym for you!!
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Workout With Us
MyLeanBody Boot Camp is a way of life and a support system like no other!
Your life is about to change for the better.
Get Strong
Be Healthy!
Will Leave
you with
more Energy
all day
Variety of ways to workout!
Positive and fun atmosphere.
Supportive, non-competitive, motivating, inspiring.
45 minutes of total awesomeness.
Workouts are modified to fit each lady’s fitness level!
Boot Camp
MyLeanBody Boot Camp is a way of life and a support system like no other!
Our Boot Camp will be a new workout everyday! These classes are a mix of body weight workouts / resistance bands and weighted workouts to get the most from each workout.
Your life is about to change for the better.
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Small Group Training
Lifting weights is a whole different level of empowering yourself!
Our unique small group weight training classes emphasize proper weight training technique to keep you safe and injury free. At MyLeanBody we have an experienced, certified, all-female staff of trainers who know what works to help women build strength and endurance to tackle the activities of daily life.
Everything changes when a woman realizes how strong she is!
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Personal Training
You will get individualized attention, and a customized workout to meet your goals.
In personal training you will get an individualized program to get you to your goals. These are set up on your schedule so it fits best into your day!
Your life is about to change for the better.
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Online Classes
You can get an amazing MyLeanBody workout in your very own home!!
Take a look at some of the outstanding workouts you will get to choose form. For more information about this wonderful workout option please go to Online classes.

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June 10, 2021
Happy Workout Wednesday (a day late because it’s summer!) We are continuing with cardio moves this month!
June 10, 2021
Refreshing pineapple kale smoothie made with five simple ingredients for a wonderful, easy breakfast or snack. Creamy coconut milk gives this vegan pineapple kale smoothie a delicious, tropical...
June 8, 2021
This week, we want you to do something just for you. Do you love going to movies? Hiking in the park? Find something that makes you feel awesome and do it at least twice this week!
June 7, 2021
I want you to know that your fire is key to your life!! So be feisty and say what needs to be said, because there is only one of you and you are AMAZING!!
June 7, 2021
Before MyLeanBody Boot Camp I swear I had been to every gym in town! No program stuck beyond a few months when I would get bored and lose interest. I wanted to find a place with a positive...
June 5, 2021
Sometimes, summer makes us want to shed pounds for that “summer bikini body.” While this goal is fine, we want to focus this month on helping you see your body in a positive way all year long!...
June 4, 2021
Change can be hard, but it is also good. Look for the changes you get to make for yourself to make yourself the best version you can be! Love you!! Ashley
June 3, 2021
Need something fun to make the kids for breakfast?? Check this out!! Have some breakfast meat to go with it and you are in business!! Love you all!!
June 2, 2021
Happy Try-It Tuesday (on a Wednesday)! In June, we want to focus on ways to build and maintain a positive body image. Each day this week, write one thing you are proud that your body can do on a...
May 31, 2021