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MLBBC History


Here are a few words from our founder Emily Reynolds on why she started MyLeanBody Boot Camp.


I needed to spread the word that lifting weights and getting strong was the absolute best way to change your body, your mind, and your confidence. Women needed this message and I wanted to show them how.


So, I created a gym that would make women feel comfortable to walk in the door, where we do real exercises giving us a fantastic workout, while also making us strong, and getting us results. With these goals in mind, MyLeanBody Boot Camp was born! Women only, hard workouts, love, compassion, support, accountability, FUN and RESULTS! What else do we need?


This became my passion so I jumped in and started. It was amazing how quickly ladies fell in love with working out, being strong, and having more energy. Even more amazing was that it only took a few workouts for the change emails about how these women felt came almost immediately! I loved how great they felt and I knew that I was on the right track.


I could not believe how fast MLBBC grew, how the word spread, and how much I loved what I was doing. I did not ever think that someday it would turn into the amazing gym and group of women that we have today, but it did! Now I am certain that when a woman gets strong, she will be amazed at what happens to her life.


Thank you for taking this journey with me! My life has never been the same since I picked up my first weight and lifted it! I am SO blessed that I have a husband who taught me so much, so that I can pass that passion on to you! Being strong has changed my life in such profound ways!


Love you!