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Meet Our Team


Meet Tabitha!


Hey all you fit goddesses!  My name is Tabitha and have been a fellow boot-camper since December of 2018 and am now a trainer at the best gym this side of the Mississippi!  While I haven't always practiced what I preached, I have always been an advocate for fitness and nutrition.  When I was in Jr. High School I use to carry around a laminated, yes laminated, picture of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner from Terminator 2 because I dreamed of having muscles like her.  With my two daughters all grown now, I decided to take a chance, get my certification in fitness, and be part of something I truly believe in.  And that's MLBBC!  


When not working out or leading bootcamp, I run a locksmith shop located in Washington State that has been in my family since 1980.  I've been married since 1997 to my high school sweetheart who I love so much that I was willing to leave the mountains and ocean and follow him to this town amongst the corn fields for his career at State Farm.  Jokes on me though, I fell in love with Bloomington! 


My motto is, 'Do something for yourself today that your future self will thank you for'.  And that's something each of you do every time you come to work out with us!  I'll see you at the gym!