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Arteniece Lee

I Am Committed!

When I started MLBBC in February, I was on a mission and ready to make a lifestyle change.  “I’ve got this and am exceptional in everything!” was part of my transformation statement which reminded myself of my commitment.  Ashley greeted me with open, loving arms for my first workout, and when I met Emily the next day, she was equally loving and welcoming.  I quickly realized that this was a different gym that really cared about me. This was really obvious when I talked to Emily about how often I should workout each week.  I starting out thinking that I needed to commit to four days a week in order to reach my goals, but Emily’s response surprised me.  She said,“You should start with 3 days and I would rather you spend that additional 45 minutes each week shopping for the proper foods to eat.”  This recommendation showed me right away that Emily had my best interests in mind, and I could trust MLBBC to partner with me on this journey.  


I was all in, so when Emily recommended that I start a food journal I did.  However, I began to get impatient with my results, so I asked Emily to meet with me to discuss my diet and eating regiment which she did without hesitation.  While my diet needed some adjustments, Emily encouraged me that I would see progress if I stayed committed and worked on what I was eating.  She was right!!  I eventually gave her access to MyFitnessPal diary so she could help keep me accountable which she did with gentle nudges that helped me stay on track. With tweaks and recommendations along the way, she coached me to success!


In five months, I was down 17 pounds and had accomplished one of my goals which was to lose 15-20 pounds by my milestone birthday!  Working hard to get perfect attendance, today I am down a total of 19 pounds and I am not done yet!  I am committed!  With a smaller waistline and better fitting clothes, I feel stronger and have much more confidence than before.  Getting compliments from other boot campers, family, and friends is great too!  


Now I look in the mirror every morning and affirm these messages that I have written on MLBBC Post-It notes given to me in my welcome bag:  “I can do all things through Christ!”, “I’m exceptional in everything I do!”, “Do not question whether you are are so enough people can’t carry it!”, and “You’ve got this!”  When people ask me why MLBBC, I am quick to tell them three reasons:  1) the positive environment; 2) a friendly, intimate setting makes it feel like I have my own individual personal trainer; and 3) the integrity of an amazing staff.  


Thank you Em, the MLBBC staff, and especially Ashley for your encouragement, support, and being my champion!  I am so much stronger because of you and cannot thank you enough for your kind words, genuine love, and continuous support.