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Erica Locket

Sweat Really Does = Love

About 6 years ago, Vicki Vibral Connell introduced me to MyLeanBody Boot Camp. Looking back, I didn't get passed the intro week because of insecurities. As God would have it, about 2 years later, I moved right across the street from Emily Reynolds. At the time, Emily owned MLBBC. I remembered who she was. Again, my own insecurities, I'd be walking Mia - who was a newborn at the time. I'd see Emily and try to hide, period, which is impossible in broad daylight & an open street. One fateful day, I saw her, opened up & broke down crying in the middle of the street over my health journey. Emily gently invited me to a workout.


When I arrived, I saw one familiar face...Tricia Martin. What I did not know how to do, she modeled. When I felt like I couldn't do something both she and Emily not only encouraged me to try...they celebrated my progress. 5 push-ups to 10. 1 burpee to 2.


Almost 4 years later, I am still surrounded by a tribe of women that chose not to say can't. Every LEAST once Rachael Sims Mosley checks on me to make sure I'm not making excuses for not showing up. She set goals for me & even rewards me. T'ana Johnson...I'll be holding a push-up, ready to cave & she'll shout "C'mon E you can do it".


I love Chris Lockett. He's my everyday Valentine. AND I am thankful that God has blessed me with many other love stories in my life. MLBBC is one.


As I have grown in my strength, in my confidence, in my willingness to get out of my own way, get out of my comfort zone and celebrate my effort, my progress & my results, I realized that this one of the greatest love stories in my life and when you are in love, you tell someone.


So to my MLBBC sisters who remind me every day that SWEAT really does = LOVE. 


❤ Erica