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Heidi Chambers

Before MLBBC I tried every gym in town and nothing stuck!

Hello ladies! Before MLBBC I swear I had been to every gym in town and nothing stuck beyond a few months, I got bored and lost interest as I was looking for a coach/atmosphere that was positive and promoted total wellness. So upon an awesome request from a friend, one cheerful morning I head over to MLBBC where the harsh reality of what my body had turned into hit me head on, I hadn’t been taking care of myself and in order to be the best mom I can be I needed to make changes.


After having twins my body just never felt the same, but I couldn’t use that as a crutch anymore as I was talking with my boys more about eating healthy choices; growing big and strong! I needed to walk the talk with them and NOW. I also saw a photo from my wedding day in comparison to now and was just disgusted with myself.


Growing up I was a multisport naturally talented athlete and I remember my first week in bootccamp literally CRYING in class because I couldn’t do a darn pushup the correct way anymore!! I had hit my breaking point; this was where I decided TODAY was the day to change and get myself back on track! CHANGE.IS.HARD.


We all know how we are supposed to eat, but this fast paced world makes that hard. I found in order to uphold good eating habits I had to meal prep on Sundays otherwise I was not set for success! Also, mentally I had found myself in a spot where in the past I had always been a social extrovert, loving meeting new people but had found I had gotten introverted and lost a bit of my sparkle as I never felt just good enough.


Looking back on when I felt the absolute best was truly when I had that balance of physical and mental health. So for anyone who was like me and felt too busy, too unstable, not good enough I'll help walk that journey with you alongside the exceptional team at MLBBC!! Life’s too short to feel anything less than strong and beautiful. BE IT.


Thanks MLBBC for supporting women of all types, ages, and strengths and embracing where we are at and creating new joy and confidence in us all; giving us all our sparkle back


☺Love, Heidi