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Missy Statz

Because of MLBBC,
I am mentally, emotionally, and physically fit!

Wake up … shower … get kids up and feed (usually with much persuasion and some arguments) … partially get myself ready while kids are eating … get kids ready for school so hubby can take them when he gets home from work … finish getting ready … off to work … work, work, work, work, work (maybe lunch and a snack somewhere in there) … go to bootcamp … pick up kids from school and day care … come home and make dinner (or hope it is ready) … clean up dinner and even pick up the house … shower and baths … back downstairs for homework … make lunches and prep food for next day … back upstairs for bedtime routines … start a load of laundry that I will forget about, and start the dryer for the 4th time of the same load of laundry that has been in there for a hot second … head back downstairs to answer work email and/or work the side hustle … wait for hubby to leave for work … head back upstairs to go to bed … PASS OUT … then REPEAT!




I bet this sounds familiar to so many of you, but of all the things I look forward to each day, it is obviously the time I get to spend with my hubby and two beautiful daughters, as well as my time at MY LEAN BODY BOOTCAMP.


To be honest, I have been working out consistently for the past 8 years and that started right before I had my first daughter. I loved the gym I was at before, but when it abruptly closed, I had to find something fast.  The main reason why I tried MLBBC was because it was close to home and day care, and had the most convenient hours to fit into our busy schedules.  I just assumed I was joining another bootcamp class that would help me keep the baby weight off and stay fit.  Clearly, I was wrong … and I didn’t even know that MLBBC was something I was missing from life!


During the last 2 years, and 4 months, MLBBC was more than just a gym … here is why:

  • MLBBC was there for me when the company I work for was going through a large organizational change and my position was being consolidated.  Not only did I have to consider what could potentially happen to my position, I lead a team of people who were feeling very insecure, frustrated, and vulnerable.  Not only was I carrying for my family at home, but also my family at work … and as a leader, this is just something you do.  MLBBC was the place I could go to and center myself, relieve stress, and stay mentally and emotionally fit.
  • MLBBC was also there for me when my husband went through his second round of deep depression.  Policing and mental health are two big challenges that no one wants to talk about, and that was something Emily was able to empathize with, and Ashley was always there for me.
  • MLBBC was there for me when my anxiety hit an all time high because I was struggling to be a working mom, trying to develop myself as a leader, care for my two girls and a husband who was on shift work, run a side business, and maintain a social circle.  (See first paragraph above!) When the balls in the air could no longer stay in the air, and I felt like I was failing at everything, and the anxiety and panic attacks came on full force, MLBBC was there for me. Emily could tell something was wrong, and we went for lunch one day to talk about it, and Ashley’s hugs on Monday and Wednesday always made me feel like I was “worth it and doing my best."
  • Lastly, MLBBC was there for me when I used my sarcasm to get me through all my insecurities. MLBCC taught me it was ok to love yourself, and all your perfect imperfections.  It taught me ALOT about self-love and self-care, and the things you say to yourself.    


You see, I don’t have some amazing success story were I lost 10, 15, or 20 lbs.  My success story is overcoming mental, physical, and emotional health.  I strongly believe that because of MLBBC, I am mentally, emotionally, and physically fit.  I am learning to love myself and be a genuinely better person.  Although my life is on repeat most days, I start my day with positive affirmations and spend time talking more positively to myself and others.  It makes all the things I have to juggle easier.  Over the past couple of months, I had people say to me that you have more pep in your step, you seem so happy, and you seem so confident, and I have to attribute some of that to MLBBC.


Thank you MLBBC for making me stronger and more confident, as well as a better wife, daughter, mother, and friend!

Love, Missy