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Molly Robinson

This is MY year thanks to MyLeanBody Boot Camp

April 9, 2020 marked my 2 year anniversary at MyLeanBody Boot Camp!  2 YEARS!  I had to say  that twice because that is the longest I have ever belonged to a gym let alone stuck with anything that involved exercise.


I love my parents but dislike the genes that I inherited! Every health issue that plagues each side of the family was passed to me.....fibroids, fatty liver, weight issues, celiacs, thyroid cancer.... I had gotten to the point that I hated going to the doctor because it always came with another issue!  In January 2018 my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and that was the last straw!  In April for my 35th birthday I finally gifted myself MyLeanBody Boot Camp.  I thought it was so wonderful when I walked in the door that first Monday to Ashley’s sweet little self and a HUG!  I immediately felt welcomed and at home!  It was tough at first, but I came back again….and again...and again.  I would like to say that I didn’t miss a workout, but life would get in the way and working out would get pushed to the end of the list for a short while.    Then I would get an email, “ How are you? We miss you...just checking in on you!”  which made me feel so much better about missing when I needed to.  That and a HUG would be waiting for me....along with mini bands when I walked back into the gym!


When I first walked through your door, I just thought I was there to lose weight and gain muscle strength.  What I didn’t know was that I would also lose the negative self-talk I had practiced for years while also finding the strength to put myself first every once in a while.  But the positive atmosphere and amazing support at MLBBC helped me believe in myself, have confidence in the things I am good at, and even catch myself when I hear myself saying “I can’t” (sorry Emily) using the phrase as a challenge instead to try to prove myself wrong.  Yet I still feel like I need to do a burpee everytime I catch myself saying it! 


The night before my birthday this year, I got your card.  In it was your message to do something for me.  So I did!  I woke up, baked myself a cake ( I have never made a cake for myself ), hired a photographer, and threw myself a birthday party with all of my favorite things in true quarantine style, including all my favorite things, and I celebrated with my favorite people in the entire world!


SO this is my THANK YOU to the both of you, Ash and Em! It took me 37 years but I have learned to love myself as I am, and accept that even when I try my very best, I may still fail but that’s ok! I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that is ok too!  The ones that matter will always be there, even if there is a quarantine.  They will surprise you with a drive by birthday parade, shouting “I luv u’s “ from the windows, honking horns and presents handed over while wearing gloves and a mask.

37 is going to be my year! I’m going all in and I could not do any of it without the help and encouragement from the both of you and the other girls at the gym!  Forever a MyLeanBody Boot Camper, Molly