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Tabitha Beneke

Small group is where I took my fitness to another level of strong!

It’s been two years since I joined the community of amazing and strong women at MyLeanBody Bootcamp...two years since I sheepishly accepted an invitation from my neighbor to try it out.  


At 41 years old, I was terribly out of shape but because I had lost 20 pounds from finally getting my diet under control, I felt the next natural step was to get moving.  Boy did that speed up my weight loss!  Within 5 months I had dropped another 30 pounds making my total weight loss 50 pounds!  


Only two years now!  It feels longer, but only because of how comfortable I am at MLBBC - I have like you would experience after being a part of something for a decade or longer.  That’s the environment at this gym that Ashely has maintained and what makes this gym like no other in no other that I have ever even heard of. 


While I’ve been a boot camp member for two years, I have been participating in a small, weight training group for the last year.  Bootcamp is where I got fit, but small group is where I took my fitness to another level of strong!  This is where real strength training is done.  A little slower paced than bootcamp, small group focuses on heavier weights, setting and reaching goals, and focused attention on me as an individual.  I have strengthened muscles I didn’t even know I had.  My body weight has climbed while my BMI has fallen, getting that lean body that is right there in the name of the gym.  I still do Bootcamp because I absolutely love, no, crave it, but highly recommend adding a small group or two into your weekly regimen at MyLeanBody Boot Camp.  You’ll love what it’ll do to your body and mind!    Love, Tabitha Beneke