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Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp Training

Boot camp is our group fitness class. You will be in a class with other women who are there to work hard and get a great workout done. These classes are 45 minutes long and start off with a warm up to get your body moving and ready for the work out. From there the workout is broken up into three segments that are about 12 minutes long with a quick water break between segments. The workout ends with a 90 second challenge that changes each month. Designed to help push yourself, our workout ending challenge helps you see you can do anything for 90 seconds! 


Our boot camp workouts are fun and fast paced and will get your heart pumping!! Led by an instructor who is there to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout, and with a constant variety of exercises, the workouts are different every day so you will never do the same workout twice! 


At MyLean Body, our instructors do not work out with you, but are there to lead, demo and ensure  you are doing every exercise correctly. Because of this, you get the attention you deserve as well as get the best most effective workout possible!! 


Sometimes our boot camp workouts require equipment like resistance bands, mini bands, weights or jump ropes, and we will provide these for you. Depending on the workout, as you enter the gym if any equipment is needed it will be listed on the door and the instructor will let you know before class starts. 


As another variation, sometimes class may be set up in a circuit with stations and specific exercises around the room.  But don’t worry.  The circuit style workout is always thoroughly explained by the instructor before the workout begins, and she is always there is you have questions. 


At MyLeanBody we like to keep each workout interesting and exciting so you will not know what to expect until you are in the gym! We believe it is this variety that keeps your workouts fun as well as effective!  Are you ready to give us a try?


If you have any questions or you are ready to start, please contact us. This is where you can submit any questions or if you are ready for your free week, you can pick boot camp from the drop down box. 


Thank you look forward to meeting you!!




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