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Personal Training

Personal Training

Our personal training is set up between you and one of our certified personal trainers. The program is developed at our gym with your goals in mind. We start by setting up a meeting with you to discuss what your goals are for your training, could be anything from getting stronger, training for a marathon, training for a sport, or wanting to tone your body. After the meeting our trainers go to work developing a program that will get you to those goals. Depending on your needs the program will adjust as you gain strength and develop skills. 


Programs are reviewed every three to four times a year to create new challenges for you during the time you are training with us. New exercises get introduced as your skills develop to keep challenging your body to be its strongest and reach your goals. 


You can also set new goals and adjustments to your program will be made to reach those goals. You will develop a great relationship with your trainer so you can have a conversation about what is working and areas that you feel adjustments could be made. Your trainer will also be able to see areas that you could be challenged more and make those adjustments!! 


This is something that is different from other gyms. At MyLeanBody our goal is that you work with the same trainer most of the time so a relationship can develop to get the most from your program. We also want to be sure we are always working toward your goals and making adjustments as your goals change.


If you have any questions or are ready to get started, please go to the contact us link and fill out the form, we will be in touch soon.


Thank you look forward to meeting you!!




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