Although, I gave birth to my child 6 years ago, I still was struggling lose that baby weight.  I also continued to gain more and more weight over the years.  I thought exercise would help me lose the extra weight, so I worked out 3-4 times a week at the gym.  That did not help me lose – at best I was only maintaining, but really I was still gaining.

I tried several exercise routines but I was not successful in making the weight loss stick. Emily opened my eyes to the Diet Doc program.  That is what worked for me.  She is a nutrition consultant and works with you individually on your nutritional needs.  This program, along with my exercise, helped me lose 15 pounds in just 7 weeks. Thanks to the program and adherence to the principles of nutritional excellence, I have been able to stick with the weight loss.

The combination of the MyLeanBody Boot Camp and the Diet Doc program worked magic for my weight loss.  Emily has always been there with bells and whistles cheering me to the finish line.  She has been such a dedicated consultant, coach, and a friend to help me with my personal health goals.  I have been transformed.  I have an amazing new body.  I am very grateful for the advice and personal coaching Emily provided on a daily basis.  Emily will continuously support and push you to another level that you never knew you could ever go.  Spread you wings and fly… take that leap of faith today.

You have made my dream come true.  Love you Emily!

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