I have battled my weight all my life and although I was very active in my younger years, in my mid/late 20’s I had given up on eating healthy and working out. It was just easier to let myself go, until I realized how unhealthy I had gotten! At my highest, I weighed 220 pounds. At that time, I decided I needed to lose weight so I joined a national diet program. I lost quite a bit of the weight, but I was not toned and still was not confident about my appearance. About 4 years ago, I decided it was time to start exercising and I began running half marathons for a charity organization. At the beginning, running was simply about getting healthy and raising money for an important cause. As time went on, my competitive nature kicked in and I wanted to be able to run further and run faster. A few of my running friends had joined boot camp so I thought I would check it out to see what it was all about. When I initially met with Emily, about joining MyLeanBody Boot Camp in May of 2011 I thought I was in pretty good shape. Looking back…I was only fooling myself!

Since joining, I have experienced so many positive changes in my life! There is the obvious, physical changes…I’ve lost about 25 pounds and have dropped 3 pant sizes. But there is so much more than that! Along with having the opportunity to be a part of an amazing workout 3 days a week, I have also learned how to eat right. Since I have changed my diet, I have more energy (no more crashing in the afternoon after a heavy lunch), my skin is healthier and my overall health has improved (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.). I also have achieved my goal of being able to run further and faster. After my first year with Emily, I had shaved almost 1 minute off my per mile pace in a half marathon. And this year, I am signed up for my first full marathon. I have no doubt that I can do it because I have learned how STRONG I really am! I can push my body to new limits because of Emily’s training.

As if these changes weren’t enough, there is one final change that I am unable to even put into words. My confidence level has increased so much. I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved and I see it in every area of my life…I am more confident at work, I feel comfortable in my own skin when I wear a swimsuit and I am proud to tell people my story. It isn’t easy…but every step is SO WORTH IT! We are so extremely lucky to have this opportunity and I try to remind myself of that! I would not be the person I am today without Emily and MLBBC. She is truly amazing!!

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