Thank you so much so measuring me today and showing me how much my hard work and your ingenious workouts have helped me achieve my goals!

I feel so much better about myself and have a much more positive outlook on life because of what you have helped me do. People notice that I am strong now, and they tell me how STRONG my arms and legs look! I really never thought I would have strong arms, and honestly it is still hard for me to grasp that they are strong now because they weren’t for so long. It’s like I rebuilt myself and now have to get used to this new model of myself.

I read an article on how exercise helps women with anxiety disorders. This really hits close to home because this runs in my family and I have seen the effects of these disorders when they go untreated. I have struggled with anxiety; when what I was doing with exercise on my own wasn’t enough I joined your class. It helped me go without medication for a LONG time. I am so lucky to have you be my own personal happy pill.
Loves!! Caitlin

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