12 Weeks, 22 Pounds Lighter and

My High School Cheerleading Skirt Fits Again!

Everyone knows how much I love Halloween so when I thought of a potential Halloween costume idea that involved wearing my old cheerleading skirt.  Fitting back into it became my “diet doc” goal this summer. I started Diet Doc with my colleague at the end of July, during a time when work was slower and it made it easier to focus for once on ourselves. My job, family, and other commitments are always so “all-consuming” that I needed to be sure to find the time when best to fit this into my busy schedule. Soon enough, though, Diet Doc became my selfish pleasure as I was finally doing something for me that was producing positive results.

As promised, at the end of my 12 week Diet Doc program, I did the great “reveal” for Emily and Rhonda showing that I could once again fit into my high school cheerleading skirt. Although my official 12 week program is over, I am still following the Diet Doc regiment to maintain my weight but mainly because it helps me to balance healthy eating in moderation with my busy lifestyle. I’ve been able to fit it in during overnight trips and long soccer weekends. It has become my forever lifestyle.

Love, Erika

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