I cannot say THANK YOU enough to the crew at MLBBC. It is so refreshing to have a place where I feel challenged and encouraged with every workout. The balance of accountability and support is amazing! I’m no longer staring at the clock, waiting for my workouts to be over – or dreading the gym before I even get there. I look forward to each class and feel stronger than ever! (It also helps when you have the best gym partner ever – thanks, Mom!)

When I started at MLBBC, I was very discouraged with my weight and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I had been working out on my own, but not seeing the results I wanted. I’ll never forget my first class at MLBBC – whoa – was I ever sore! But it felt great! I saw results I was looking for – and lost 20 pounds in just a few months. Though I felt stronger and knew I was working hard, eventually the number on the scale stalled. I was discouraged – and it showed. One afternoon, Kristie suggested I look into the Diet Doc program to take things to the next level. Some things are truly meant to be – Emily announced a summer challenge for Diet Doc participants the next week!

My first few weeks on Diet Doc were enlightening to say the least! I thought my diet was “OK” – but turns out, I had NO idea what I was eating. Emily and Rhonda had great suggestions for meals and different strategies to make the necessary changes that would help me live a healthier lifestyle. What a difference! Not only have I lost another 20 pounds (and counting!!), but my energy level is better, I sleep better, and I fit into my jeans from college!

I can feel my confidence improving every day and I still have a ways to go to meet my end goal. BUT challenge accepted! I love watching that number on the scale move in the right direction!

Thank you MLBBC for putting the right tools in my hand to get the job done! 40 (40!!) pounds gone with more on the horizon. Love, Katy Tilley

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