I started this journey thinking that I only had a few pounds to lose.  Today, as I look at my before picture, I am amazed.  I did not see myself that way when I looked in the mirror.  I knew I had a few pounds to lose but when I compare my before and after, there is a world of difference – not only how I look, but more how I feel.

When I started MyLeanBody boot camp four days a week, I continued to eat “my way,” but started making some better choices. I was able to drop about 5 pounds, but I was still feeling pretty sluggish.  A few months later we booked a trip to Mexico with some friends.  I was so excited but only had about 8 weeks to change my body.

I was sure after all of the diets I have tried in the past, this was not going to happen.  I talked to Emily about the Diet Doc.  She was very honest and told me it works, if I give it 100%.  So….I gave it a try!   The first week was rough.  The hardest part for me was tracking everything I ate but when I stepped on the scale at the end of the first week I was amazed.  At this point the tracking did not bother me anymore, if I was going to lose weight this fast I would be happy to track my food and my neighbors!  It was great!   Everything got much easier after the first week.  I knew what I liked to eat and had all the info I needed to track.  I also noticed I was able to work a lot harder during boot camp. I had more energy and felt stronger.

When I was ready to leave for Mexico, I had lost another 12 lbs. on the Diet Doc!!  Bring on the 2 piece!!  The best part of all of this was Emily and Katie’s encouragement.  They were each so helpful and motivating!    I never could have done this without them!   I am so proud to be a part of MyLeanBody Boot Camp!!

Thank you!  Love, Kristi

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