I took my “before” picture the night of my first bootcamp. I thought I would take a photo like I see in magazines or online and maybe if this bootcamp thing worked out I would have proof. Well? It works! It is amazing!

I am so grateful for the chance to workout at MLBBC and to have the support of Diet Doc. Before MLBBC, I had never stuck to an exercise routine, and before Diet Doc I didn’t know a healthy way to eat. Now, it is not a chore to exercise. I GET to workout, I GET to challenge myself and I GET to be surrounded by the most encouraging women I have ever known.

I have lost 55 pounds since May of 2015 and while I have more to go, I love celebrating the accomplishments along the way like hitting my pre-5 kids weight and pre-wedding weight. I am excited to see how much stronger I can get and I have all of the MLBBC ladies to thank for that!

Love, Molly

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