I came to Emily and MLBBC wanting to lose a mere five pounds.  I didn’t need to look awesome but I wanted to look good.  Emily starts by asking, “What aren’t you willing to do?”  I quickly said that I wouldn’t keep a food journal for more than 2 weeks.  Too much work and I know what to do.  Begrudgingly I did and within a few months I was down seven pounds.  I would send my journal with Emily’s comments to my husband.  He may as well hear it from the trainer instead of me.  A year later I was down 15 and my husband was down 25! Ladies, if you are reading this YOU HAVE TO KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL.  Please do what Emily tells you to do.  I promise you that you will see results in a long lasting way.

My husband tells me daily, “You have never looked this good. Never, not even in your twenties.” So at 45 I look strong and muscular.  I’m toned, dare I say, even perky!  Life’s good and I feel AMAZING.  Thanks, Emily. –Paulette Cocco


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