It wasn’t that long ago that I had given up on losing weight because I thought I was doing everything right. Every few months I gained another couple of pounds despite my healthy plant-based diet and existing workout routine.

Last November (2014) I noticed my friend Bevin was losing weight and seemed more confident than ever. Bevin and I have been at similar weights (and both trying to lose weight) for a few years. After seeing her weight loss first hand as result of MyLeanBody Boot Camp and the Diet Doc Program, I started thinking more positively about the possibility that I too could take back control of my body.

In December 2014 I joined MyLeanBody Boot Camp, and within the first couple of months I lost 10 lbs from just boot camp and tracking my food in my own journal (before Diet Doc). I couldn’t believe the results! After the first 10 lbs, I decided to go “all in” and start the Diet Doc program. Diet Doc has completely changed how I look at food, and now I understand exactly why my old food habits had caused me to gain weight instead of lose it! Thanks to the training and guidance from Emily and Rhonda, I learned why my body was storing fat and how to eat food to lose weight. Everyday for the next 8 weeks +, I watched the scale go down. My weight loss was gradual, but steady.

As of September (2015), I am down 30+ lbs since I started at MyLeanBody Boot Camp! I have a new weight loss goal that I know I will reach with my Diet Doc training. I am stronger and more confident than ever, and I’m excited to push myself through the next challenge! Thanks Emily and ALL of the amazing women at MyLeanBody for your encouragement and support! A special thanks to Bevin for telling me I could lose weight too, and for encouraging me to join Boot Camp!

Lots of love, Kim

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