Our Weight training is unlike any other!  At MLBBC we emphasize proper weighting technique to keep you safe and injury free, and our experienced, certified female trainers know what works best for a woman’s unique physique.  Along with knowing what you are doing and why, we insure you have correct form, you are working hard to get stronger, and getting the results that you want.  

You will simply love it!  Lifting weights is a whole different level of getting strong and empowering yourself!  You will become more confident in the gym which translates to all aspects of your life.  Everything changes when a woman realizes how strong she is!  

A common myth about weight training is that women get big, bulky muscles like men.  This is not true. Weight training helps women get lean and burn more body fat. It is really a great way to get smaller, smoother, and have toned arms, legs, and mid-section.  

Weight training for women is proven to build lean muscle mass, burn more calories for longer and improve bone health. All of these things have benefits beyond just the number on the scale.  Building muscle mass will help maintain balance, strength and quality of life as we age. Building stronger bones and increasing bone health (something we can do at any age as long as we are doing resistance training) will help prevent osteoporosis, and other bone degeneration diseases. 

In our small group classes, you will get individualized attention, and a customized workout to meet your goals.  You will be able to build strength while we work with any limitations you may be starting with. You will build a base of strength, we will work on balance, flexibility and movement patterns.  Not only will you see improvements in muscle definition and stamina as well as taking your fitness to the next level, you will learn what you are doing in the weight room. Strength makes us better at whatever our chosen sport may be …even if it is just the game of life!  🙂

It takes time to really get results, feel good about what you are doing, and get comfortable in the weight room.  You will feel stronger right away, but you will need to be patient to see the results and changes in your body. It is important to take the time you need to learn the exercises and proper form so you can build a base of strength to really be able to lift weights, push your body, and get stronger.  We want to build you up safely so you gain the strength and power you need to do anything in the weight room and also in the outside world!!!

We offer both small group weight training with up to 4 women and one-on-one personal training so that you can choose what is right for you!

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